The Casino Addiction Of The Game And Its Illusions

Inability to recognize the independence of events

The gambling addict has difficulty recognizing the independence of events the better believes that the longer the loss period, the closer his long awaited victory will be. It would be the same as imagining that a coin that faced three times in a row is more likely to give a crown in the next round. This thought helps not give up and the will to recover what was lost, after all, the sequence of defeats would be statistically improbable and there would be no reason not to make another bet that the chances of winning would increase.

The Illusion of Control

The addiction of the game brings the illusion of control through rituals, mendingas and tricks, players believe they can manipulate the results of their bets.

I remember when I was younger I went to one of those “dirty cup” bars that usually have a slot machine hidden deep in the background. Once, talking to one of these local bums, he confided that pushing the button twice would increase the chances that his bet would be successful. Even if he lost more than he won, he insisted on believing that.

In sports betting, on several occasions we see bettors migrating from one site to another, believing that this other site is capable of bringing you more luck in the bets you make than the other you used.

Selective memory

Gains in the game are more remembered than losses few players keep a spreadsheet by managing their winnings and losses on betting. Doing bankroll management and betting fixed amounts against banking is even rarer. Therefore, gains and losses are entrusted to our weak memory, and because we do not know how much we are betting, we cannot glimpse the size of the well that has been dug, the memory of the pathological gambler, then, he devotes his attentions to the moments of gain while making losses softer.

Late comprehension

Watching the outcome of an event is always more comfortable because it provides us with the security of a single outcome that can no longer be changed. This security, however, can fuel an excess of confidence in future bets, denying the existence of countless variables that act so that a football match, for example, may have results that escapes understanding.

Help to get rid of gambling addiction

If by reading this text you have identified and feel that you have difficulties controlling yourself at the time of betting, please remember that we Betting Club are always willing to listen to the experiences of our users. Gambling addiction must be addressed, and there are entities that offer help to those who need it. Among them, I highlight the work of Gamblers Anonymous, which brings together several people in Brazil who suffer from ludopathy, sharing experiences, promoting discussion groups and helping each other to overcome this addiction, always one day at a time.

You can also share your experiences here; just leave your comment below. Remember that your story can help a number of other bettors who may be reading this text in the future, as well as allow for more in-depth discussions on this subject as little discussed in betting communities.

I hope the text has been useful to you. Betting should be a moderate leisure time and not a generator of endless anguish. I believe that sharing my experience will help you look at betting sites in a more critical way.